The Israel Economic Review (IER) is published twice a year. Its main objective is to serve as a publication forum for research on the Israeli economy. Papers are selected from the Economic Quarterly and the Bank of Israel’s Economic Review, both of which appear in Hebrew. Other papers relevant to Israel's economy sent to the IER are also considered.

Assaf Razin, Michel Strawczynski  

Editorial Board:
Adi Brender, Elhanan Helpman, Sigal Ribon, Momi Dahan 

Editorial support:
Ilanit Sharon

Typesetting and layout:
Zipi Weiss

Yehuda Poch, Meir Dubitsky


Correspondence and submissions addressed to the editors should be sent to Ilanit Sharon, Research Department, Bank of Israel, Kiryat Ben Gurion, P.O.B. 780, 91007 Jerusalem, or by email to
Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout and include an abstract of up to 150 words; they should not be under consideration by other journals.