The Annual Conference of the Association

The 40th Annual Conference of the Israeli Economic Association will take place on Thursday, June 27th at the Reichman University.

The Patinkin Lecture

The keynote lecture at the annual conference of the Israeli Economic Association is the Patinkin Lecture, in memory of Dan Patinkin, who was the first president of the Israeli Economic Association, laying the foundations for the study of economics in Israel, and the recipient of the Israel Prize in Social Sciences in 1970.  

past conferences

39th Annual Conference
June 22, 2023, Tel Aviv University
Patinkin Lecture: Dani Rodrik – "The Political Economy of Liberal Democracy (and its Enemies)"

38th Annual Conference
June 16, 2022, Bar Ilan University
Patinkin Lecture: Joseph Zeira- "Israeli Economy: Four Decisions and Two Dilemmas"

37th Annual Conference
June 10, 2021, Zoom Webinar

36th Annual Conference
June 14, 2020, Zoom
Patinkin Lecture: Martin Eichenbaum – "Macroeconomic Policy and the Corona Crisis"

35th Annual Conference
June 6, 2019, Hebrew University
Patinkin Lecture: Ariel Rubinstein – "Economics Without Prices"

34th Annual Conference
June 14, 2018, The College of Management Academic Studies
Patinkin Lecture: Elhanan Helpman – "Globalization and Inequality"

33rd Annual Conference
June 7, 2017, The Open University of Israel
Patinkin Lecture: Anat Admati – "Corporate Political Economy"

32nd Annual Conference
May 18, 2016, Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv
Patinkin Lecture: Moshe Justman – "Education Economics to Education Policy"

31st Annual Conference
Patinkin Lecture: Nitzan Shmuel– "Economics of Elections"

30th Annual Conference
June 20, 2014, Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv
Patinkin Lecture: Joel Mokir – "The Needham Puzzle: China, Europe, and the Beginning of Economic Growth in the World"

29th Annual Conference
June 4, 2013, Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv
Patinkin Lecture: Sergiu Hart – "Two are Better than One"

28th Annual Conference
May 30, 2012, Ganei HaTaarucha, Tel Aviv
Patinkin Lecture: Jeff Sachs – "Rethinking Economic Growth Goals (Inequality, Happiness, Sustainability… and What Went Wrong (in the US and Maybe Israel too)"

27th Annual Conference
June 6, 2011, Jerusalem Plaza Hotel
Patinkin Lecture: Eytan Sheshinski – "Taxation of Natural Resources"

Annual Conference 25
June 1, 2009, Ma'ale Hachamisha Hotel, Jerusalem
Patinkin Lecture: Edmund Phelps – "Lessons of the Crisis for Economic Theory and Economic Policy"

Annual Conference 24
June 4, 2008, Ma'ale Hachamisha Hotel, Jerusalem
Patinkin Lecture: Assaf Razin – "Migration and Welfare Policy: The Political-Economic Aspect"

Annual Conference 23
May 30, 2007, Ma'ale Hachamisha Hotel, Jerusalem
Patinkin Lecture: Zvi Bodie, Eytan Sheshinski – "Life-cycle Finance and Pension Reform", "Mandatory Pension in Israel"

Annual Conference 22
May 30, 2006, Ma'ale Hachamisha Hotel, Jerusalem
Patinkin Lecture: Stanley Fischer – "At the End of the First Year at the Bank"

Annual Conference 21
May 23, 2005, Ma'ale Hachamisha Hotel, Jerusalem

Annual Conference 20
June 2004

Annual Conference 19
June 2003

Annual Conference 18
May 2002

Anti-Cyclical Economic Policy in Israel (Evening Symposium)
January 2002

Annual Conference 17
May 2001

Annual Conference 16
May 2000

Annual Conference 15
In Memory of Prof. Michael Bruno – June 1999

50 Years of Economic Research in Israel – Evening Symposium
April 1999