About The Association

The Israel Economic Association is a forum for professional dialogue among academic and non-academic economists in Israel. The association holds an annual conference where a variety of empirical, applied, and theoretical papers are presented and discussed, it holds events on various economic issues that are on the research or public agenda, and since 2007 it publishes the Economic Quarterly, which is the association’s official journal.

The association’s current president: Professor Yossi Spiegel, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University

The association’s secretary: Mr. Herman Litman

The Economic Quarterly 

The Quarterly Economic Review was founded in 1954 and serves as a platform for publishing economic research on various topics in the Israeli economy, including monetary economics, public sector economics, labor economics, economic development, international economics, competition economics, and financing. In addition, the Quarterly publishes interdisciplinary articles on economic history, economics and law, and the history of economic thought.


The Israel Economic Review (IER) is published twice a year. Its main objective is to serve as a publication forum for research on the Israeli economy. Papers are selected from the Economic Quarterly and the Bank of Israel’s Economic Review, both of which appear in Hebrew. Other papers relevant to Israel's economy sent to the IER are also considered.

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The annual conference of the association

The 40th Annual Conference of the Israeli Economic Association will take place on Thursday, June 27th, at the Reichman University.

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The Judicial Reform and Its Economic Implications 

On January 4, 2023, a week after the inauguration of Israel's 37th government, Minister of Justice Yariv Levin announced his intention to launch "the first stage of the court reform," which has been dubbed "the judicial revolution" for the time being. This revolution will have far-reaching implications not only for Israel's judicial system but also for its economy, security, and society. On this page, we gather reports, articles, and various materials dealing with these implications.

The Business Cycle Committee

The Business Cycle Committee in Israel was established under the auspices of the Israeli Economic Association. Business cycles refer to the fluctuations in economic activity, from expansion to contraction and back again. This is a central phenomenon in any modern economy. The committee has decided to release an annual report on the state of business cycles in Israel, to be published towards December each year.


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The Israel Economic Association is a forum for professional dialogue and mutual enrichment among academic and non-academic economists. The Association contributes to the research on the Israeli Economy as well as on other areas.
The Israeli Economic Association publishes The Economic Quarterly, the leading Hebrew economic scientific journal. While the articles are in Hebrew, their abstracts appear in English as well.
Daniel Levy is the president of the Association. Herman Litman is the Secretary of the Israeli Economic Association.
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